Start Your Day Right When You Work From Home

When I first started working from home I found that I’d wake up and get stuck into work right away before even grabbing something to eat let alone getting dressed. It would be 11 or 12 until I hopped in the shower, got dressed and felt like a real human being.

After a while it just felt like the days (mornings especially) dragged on and on and I discovered that I just needed that shower to hit my “reset” button and go at it for another day.

After a few years of doing this I learned that choosing the right clothes became very important. Instead of having a shower and throwing on a sweet tracksuit, I found that I needed to take my self seriously. For me this meant jeans and a button-up shirt. Combing my hair also makes a big difference too.

A lot of work-from-home entrepreneurs tend to bust out their mobile device or laptop while they’re still in bed and get stuck there all morning. As a parentpreneur I don’t have this luxury as I’m usually woken up by kids needing to eat and get to school. So for me I include my shower and getting dressed properly as apart of the family morning routine and it has worked out well. I arrive to my home office refreshed, feeling confident and ready to go for the day.

 Dress For Success At Home

For more on this topic, please check out the “Dress For Success At Home” chapter of my book that I co-authored with my brother. The book is called Energize Your Entrepreneurial Spirit and is available on Amazon and the iBookstore.

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